Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

I just watched the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and was mesmerised.  There were lots of the experiments I did as a boy, many of the models I built during my career in education plus lots more i hope to try out in the future.  A must watch for every D&T teacher and any pupils interested in how the world works.  The lectures are still available on the BBC iPlayer for a few more days and culminate in a robotic orchestra playing the theme tune to Doctor Who, another childhood favourite of mine.

Now where did I leave my sonic screwdriver…?

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2014

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2014

CAD neutral curriculum projects

Over the last fifteen years I have written dozens of tutorials, curriculum and projects for specific CAD software. The move to working as an independent consultant has given me the time to re-evaluate how curriculum projects are documented and the result is a new, CAD neutral format. The first of these is nearing completion and is based on a night light holder project which is popular in many schools.

The main project document is complete and describes the context, design considerations, aspects of science and mathematics, 3D modelling techniques and manufacturing processes. The document is fully illustrated but descriptions are deliberately CAD neutral. Accompanying the document are screen videos for all of the professional 3D modelling software available free to schools.